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If you know of a non-profit organization that could use our help, have them send a letter to us on their letterhead to start the process rolling. If known, the letter should state what they would like to receive and how they would use the computers or assistance from us to further their mission. We will do our best to assist if we can.

Our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation prevent us from donating directly to individuals. We can only donate to other non-profits and require a copy of their non-profit statement. Once we donate to a non-profit, they are, of course, able to use the donation as they see fit to best serve their mission.

Be aware that we are volunteers and we can only repair and give away systems that are donated to us. These are often IBM compatible PCs of the Pentium 2 and P3 class. We try to provide appropriate software and printers if possible too. We would love to give away the latest Pentium IV PCs, laptops and color laser printers but donations like that are rare, if not nonexistent. But we will do our best to work with you for special cases.

We are Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers so are able to provide legal copies of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional as well as Office XP on our systems.

We have a stack of requests and limited resources - both in systems and volunteers. Certain requests will get preferential and speedier treatment. Because of our location in Midtown much of our work is done with non-profits in the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

We also try to work in situations where we will improve the quality of life for the kinds of people we target - seniors, shut-ins, the disabled, urban poor, kids and so on. We love working with community groups, veterans organizations, organizations that help people with a particular ailment or disability, churches, schools, senior centers, and so on.

Our volunteers particularly enjoy working with organizations that are willing to get involved and sometimes get their hands dirty if necessary. When a community center, for example, has broad support from the neighborhood and residents are willing to clean out a space, assemble tables, help install machines and set up a program for use by the community, we do all we can to assist.

If you are a school, Microsoft has a program called
Microsoft's Fresh Start for Computers that lets you get legal software from them.

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