What We Do

Basically, the volunteers of CAP take in donated equipment (PCs,peripherals, software, etc.) and refurbish, repair and combine them to make useful, working systems. We then give them away, free of charge, to non-profit organizations in the Cleveland area to be used in fulfilling their missions.

After receiving a letter from the non-profit indicating what they would like, we try to meet or at least talk with them so that we can determine how we can best serve their needs. Sometimes a non-profit will just need some PCs whereas others may need cabling, custom or off-the-shelf software, training, help in setting up a computer lab, technical advice and so on. Often, they have no idea what they want or need and we try to help them determine that.

The CAP volunteers try to meet as many of these needs as possible. As volunteers relying on donated equipment this is not always possible. But we give our best effort to assist them as much as possible.

Many thousands of PCs have been given away to various non-profit organizations in the community. We have also helped set up computer labs, provided custom software, provided network cabling and served as a place where people from the non-profits (as well as students and other members of the community) can come and learn how to build, troubleshoot and repair PCs as well as gain other computer knowledge.

It has been very satisfying for our people to witness how lives have been improved after they received one of our refurbished systems or computer assistance or training.

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